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Best Potato Soup Ever

In any size pressure cooker, mine is 6qts. peel and quarter potatoes to about half full. (I like lots of potato)
Chop an onion or two. (I like onions)
(Decide how much you can eat)

I use two cans of evaporated milk which are added after cooking SO..I put 24 ounces of water in the pressure cooker, add salt about 1 tsp., about 1/2 tsp. pepper, black, and about 1 tsp garlic salt. I bring the pressure up and cook about 4-5 min and then release the pressure. Remove from the heat source and I add the canned evaporated milk and 1 stick imperial margarine. Taste and add salt as needed. use a potato masher gently to break up the potatoes.

I have an old pressure cooker, and this is an old recipe, I remember eating it in the 1950s. I have cooked it in a regular pot and used different margarine or butter and it's good, but it's great cooked in the pressure cooker. If you have any left over and it's not quite enough add some corn. The water, milk ratio is important. enjoy.

Thanks Nancy for all your hard work, your the best on the internet!!
love Lora

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