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Leah in the 2-15 newsletter asked for homemade Ensure substitute. Here's something I use, but you'll have to shop carefully to make it for less than $2 a day.

Substitute for Ensure

Use your blender to make smoothies from a cup of whole milk or soy milk or rice milk and a fruit of your choice, like a banana, peach, pear, etc. whatever is in season. Freeze the banana and or the milk in cubes if you want a “shake”. Add a serving of powdered or liquid protein. Powdered egg protein is the least expensive and tastes like coconut to me. My favorite is liquid protein – cherry or orange flavor. The protein increases the cost, but adds healthy calories. Fat has twice the calories of carbs and protein, so experiment with putting a tablespoon of olive oil in the mix.

Search online for egg protein powder for about $14/lb. or less on sale. I also like Twin Lab Cher-Amino liquid protein which costs about $28 for 30 oz., each serving is 1 oz. Look for the highest calorie content and specials on sale. I found I could buy cheaper online, even with shipping, than at local health food stores.
Suzz NE


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