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Athena in DE searching for a recipe for Grasshopper Punch. From the 1-9-10 newsletter.
I have an old CD with old recipes on it and low and behold Grasshopper Punch was there. The CD would not open on my Vista program so had to use my old back up computer with XP. Hope this is what you are looking for.
Pat So Cal

Grasshopper Punch

1/2 gal. softened vanilla ice cream
1 qt. 7-up or ginger ale
1 1/2 cups white creme de coco
green creme de menthe (just enough to color the punch)

Gently mix first three ingredients. When well mixed, add the green creme de menthe (just to color punch.)

Sorry your heat went out Nancy. I would be happy to send some of our warm 70+ weather your way if I could. Maybe if I wish and pray hard enough it will come your way. We are expecting colder and wet weather this coming week. Maybe the trend will reverse itself. Keep the kitties close they will keep you warm inside and out.
Pat So Cal


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