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This is for Sharon who asked for a TNT recipe for dill pickles you dress up to make sweet (in the June 21 newsletter).

My friend gave me this recipe along with the pickles many years ago and I make them for gifts every Christmas now. This recipe is definitely TNT. If you wanted to make the pickles "hot" you can add some hot sauce or jalapeno peppers that have been cut up. However the original recipe really tastes like the old Rainbow brand candied dill pickles you used to find in stores. My mom always bought a bottle for the holidays and now I can't find them. I'm glad I have this recipe because it is as close to the Rainbow candied dills I have found.
Claudine in Fort Worth, TX

Candied Dill Pickles

1 quart Kosher dill pickles, (the cheap brand is great!)
1 1/4 cups sugar
2 Tablespoons dried minced onions, (be sure they are the small bits)
1 teaspoon celery seed
3 Tablespoons white vinegar

Drain pickles, discard liquid and keep jar to pack pickles back in later. Slice pickles either crosswise or lengthwise, cut just a little off both ends.
Repack slices or strips in original jar.

In a large bowl, mix sugar, onions and celery seed well and sprinkle over pickles, shaking to spread through pickles.

Sprinkle vinegar over the top of the pickles.
Put the lid on tightly and shake vigorously.
Then frequently shake, invert or roll the jar until all the sugar completely dissolves.

This usually does not take very long, but the sugar does need to be completely dissolved.
Let stand for 24 hours; they are already tasty at 8 hours, but 24 hours is best for the pickles to fully develop their flavor.

Store in the refrigerator after 24 hours.
Now...sit back and accept the compliments!

These pickles taste as near like the old Rainbow brand candied dill pickles I remember my Mom always buying during the holidays when I was growing up.

Notes: These make excellent Hostess gifts, Christmas gifts, or any day gifts. They can be put in decorative jars for gift giving.


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