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This is for Fay NC, who in the 9/27/11 newsletter wanted to know how to remove hulls from the pumpkin seeds that she had purchased. Here are 2 methods that I have used, when I have roasted my own pumpkin seeds from fresh pumpkins. Both methods are time consuming, but worth the effort. I hope this helps you.
Robbie IN

Removing Hulls From Pumpkins Seeds

First Method
Pinch the narrow end of each seed between your thumb and forefinger. Squeeze until the seed slips out of the hull. Slit the hull along the wide end of the seed with your fingernail or a paring knife if the seed doesn't slip out easily. Take care not to cut into the seed
within the hull.

Second Method
Spread the seeds out in a single layer on top of a sheet of wax paper. Lay a second sheet of wax paper on top. Beat the hulls lightly with a wood mallet or a meat tenderizer. Hit the hulls hard enough to crack them but not so hard you crush the seeds. Fill a bowl with water. Place the seeds in the water and stir with a spoon. The cracked hulls float to the top while the seeds sink. Skim the hulls from the top of the water with a slotted spoon. Pour the seeds into a colander to drain off the water. Pick out any remaining hulls.
Robbie IN 

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