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Jarred Eggplant

Here's another eggplant recipe. Haven't made this in a long time. We used to put them on sandwiches, and of course, give to family and friends. You have to save all your small empty jars, from pickles and condiments, etc.

Jarred Eggplant

1 or 2 lg. eggplant. Peel and slice into thin strips. Place in a bowl or collander.

Add lots of salt and place bowl on side. Put heavy object on top. Let stand about 1 hr. Squeeze out all the wate. Place in bowl. Add 2 cloves garlic and add white vinegar to barely cover.

Add oregano to taste, one shake of red pepper, then add about 1/4 c. olive oil. Mix all together. Add some vinegar to jar. Add eggplant and more vinegar. Mix eggplant around in jar and add more vinegar. Turn jar upside down.

Then add more vinegar. Put cap on jar and turn upside down and set aside. Next day add more vinegar. Turn upside down and let sit for about a week.
Gay in L.I.


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