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Uses for Buttermilk

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Uses for Buttermilk

My granddaughter is allergic to eggs so I use buttermilk on all my meat that I am going to fry. Then coat it in flour . It always comes out with a nice brown crust.
Judy H

I use one onion and seperate the rings, with one cucumber and pour buttermilk over all of it, and let it sit over night to chill, use salt and pepper if desired, it's a good cook salad for the summer :o)

Another one I use with buttermilk is:
Take one boneless chicken breast or more depending on how many your feeding leave them whole or cut into pieces, I cut into pieces, let the chicken soak in butter milk over night, then dredge the chicken in flour back into buttermilk and dredge again, deep fry until golden brown and drizzle honey over the hot chicken tender and juicy everytime :o)

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