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Ant Free Kitchen

Ant Free Kitchen

Not cooking, but nevertheless, useful for cooks, keep the kitchen ant free. I use his recipe for ant bait in the summer, and it always works.
However, if you have dogs. It may not be the best choice, because it involves peanut butter, but just put it where the dogs can't get to it. Very small amounts will not hurt them but too much can be bad.
bill, Alb

The recipe:
1 Tbs peanut butter

1 tsp grape jelly (or other clear jelly, such as apple, but grape tends to be really cheap to buy)

1 tsp powdered Boric Acid (not Borax; I've seen Boric acid at Walgreen's, and also some of the Dollar stores)

Mix all the ingredients together, spread on a plastic container lid, and put in cabinets, on shelves, where ever ants are found.

This is a really easy recipe to scale up, but I've found that mixing and using fresh works best, it doesn't store well. I made our own ant baits using Solo portion cups from Costco.
Bill, Alb 

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