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Churn Pickles (sweet pickles)

Churn Pickles (sweet pickles)

3 gallons sliced cucumbers
2 cups canning salt (no iodine)
1 cup hot water
1 box of Aluminum (use 2 if small containers)
1 gallon white vinegar
10 lbs sugar
1 box pickling spice
1 large container (tub size) with lid

Mix salt in hot tap water. Pour over cucumbers. Let sit for 8 days. Pour off salt water. Dissolve Aluminum warm tap water. Pour over cucumbers. Let sit overnight. Pour off Aluminum water & rinse with clear cool tap water. Pour vinegar over cucumbers & let sit for 6-8 hrs or overnight. Pour off vinegar. Layer cucumbers & sugar. About middle ways add the picking spice (tied in a cloth or bag). Put a heavy dish on top of pickles & periodically press down on plate to keep sugar & spice down into the pickles. Cover tub with lid and let sit for 6 weeks. The pickles will be crispy & ready to eat. Pour some in a jar & refrigerate. Leave the rest in the tub until needed.


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