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Peach Honey


This one of my very favorite recipes. It was given to me over 60 years ago by a neighbor who had a peach orchard. It is great on anything. It would even make apiece of cardboard taste good!!!lol. I love it on bread, cottage cheese, ice cream even.

Peach Honey

Grind together 1 gallon peaches and 3 oranges remove seeds and peel. I tried it one time with the orange peel on and it was too strong orange flavor really killed the mild peach flavor Measure 1 cup of peach mixture and 1 cup sugar into a large pan until mixture is gone. Then heat mixture on medium heat til it starts to boil the continue to boil for exactly 30 minutes, stir often. Then I let it cool some then pour into canning jars usually small ones and water bath process for 30 minutes. I also will pour into pint jars and let it cool then refrigerate. It does not last long as it gets put on everything just about.
Judy in Montana


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