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Party Cones

Here is a bit of delectable decadence that goes into an ice cream cone, but isn’t ice cream. And not only is it so easy, the alternate method is even easier!

Party Cones

Hot fudge topping
vanilla pudding
chocolate pudding
caramel topping
whipped cream
cup-style ice cream cones

You can layer the ingredients any way you want in the cones. Here’s how I do it: fudge, vanilla pudding, caramel, chocolate pudding, fudge, vanilla pudding, caramel, chocolate pudding, fudge, whipped cream. (See alternate prep in Notes.)

Keep the layers fairly thin so you can do lots of them. I used prepared pudding, Hershey’s hot fudge, the tub style of caramel (for both of the former, easiest if new and therefore at room temp), and Cool Whip. ... can also sink say a cherry or strawberry into the whipped cream if you want to prep it a really lazy way? Mix everything together except the whipped topping (and fruit if using) – for this method I used about a teaspoon each of fudge and caramel for each cup of pudding, but don’t worry too much about proportions, just keep mixing in till you like the taste. I serve either version in muffin

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