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Vegetable Ground Beef Crockpot Recipe


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Vegetable Ground Beef Crockpot Recipe

1-2 lbs. browned ground beef
2-3 potatoes, thinly slice
4 carrots thinly sliced
3 stems chopped broccoli
1 cup cut-up cauliflower
4 oz. fresh sliced mushrooms
1 cup frozen corn (can also be fresh or canned)
1/2 cup onion, sliced
Shredded cabbage to cover top of casserole
1-2 cans cream of mushroom soup undiluted or other cream soup
8 oz. shredded cheddar cheese or your favorite cheese

Mist crockpot with non stick cooking spray. Layer ingredients in crock in order listed. Spoon soup on top of casserole. Cover soup with cheese. Bake on low all 6 - 8 hours. This dish can be made with any of your favorite vegetables.

When you layer the vegetables , put the ingredients on the bottom that take longer to cook. Ingredients that do not take long should go on the upper layers. Note : I prefer to add the cheese during the last 30 - 60 minutes, as with the newer crockpot/slow cookers I find it burns if you put it in all day.
Robbie IN

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