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Candied Cucumber Rings

Cucumbers (lg. yellow), rings peeled & seeded
2 c. lime
3 c. vinegar
1 bottle red food coloring
10 c. sugar
8 sticks cinnamon
1 or 2 pkgs. Red Hot candies

Combine cucumber and lime with 2 gallons water; let stand for 24 hours. Drain then rinse in clear water. Place cucumbers, ice and red food coloring, 1 cup of vinegar and just enough water to cover the cucumbers, let stand for 3 hours, then drain. Combine 3 cups vinegar, 2 cups water, sugar, red hot candies and cinnamon sticks. Bring to a boil, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Pour over cucumbers. Let stand for 24 hours. Repeat process for 1 more day then heat syrup and cucumbers. Pack into hot sterilized jars, covering cucumbers with syrup. Cover with sterilized lids and bands, screwing bands tight. 

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