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Volcano Potatoes

12 potatoes, white or sweet
1\2 cup butter
2 1\4 t. salt
1 cup milk
3 T grated cheese

Pare, cook and mash potatoes until smooth and light. Add butter, a few grains of pepper, salt, and paprika to tastewith sufficient milk to moisten thoroughly. Make into irregular cones about 3 inches high and place on a platter for baking. In the top of each cone make a deep indentation. Mix the grated cheese with a little salt and enough paprika to make it quite red, and fill each cone with this mixture. Sprinkle more cheese over the cones and place in a hot oven. As the cheese melts it will spread and cover the sides of the cones.ber of chops and potatoes.) This recipe yields 4 to 6 servings.


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