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12 lbs. corned ham or country cured ham
6 lbs. cabbage
3 lbs. onions
1 lb. kale or fresh spinach
2 tbsp. mustard seed
Black pepper
Red pepper

Blanch kale, chop cabbage and onions in very small pieces. We always used scissors. Mix all together and add seasonings. Never measure the red pepper, add until hands begin to burn slightly while mixing. Scald mixture before packing into ham. To get ham ready for stuffing, cut deep slits into the ham, opposite from the way you splice the ham. Pack and push as much stuffing mixture into the holes as you can covering top of ham if you have any left over. Put into clean cheese cloth bag. I use clean pillow case so you can tie it and not much chance of losing stuffing. Cook in large pot at least 4 hours. Start timing when water starts to boil. Boil entire time. Place a plate or aluminum pie pan under ham to keep from sticking. Cool before slicing.